Last updated on October 5, 2018

September 29, 2018: Guiding an Australian couple through Fukushima.

One of our members attended an Australian couple through Fukushima for their one day tour in the prefecture. Their first stop was UFO Fureaikan in Fukushima City, which was a local interaction museum for UFO’s. Then they moved to Inawashiro Town in the south and visited a local winery and wine making workshop “Aizu”. --- More details are in activity report.

August 24, 2018: Extra study occasion for learning sake at Daishichi Sake Brewery.

Today, we had an intensive study opportunity of learning sake by courtesy of Daishichi Sake Brewery which was founded in 1752 at Nihonmatsu. We first had an English lecture by a company executive of Daishichi on basic sake brewing process including traditional Kimoto method of making starter culture. --- More details are in activity report.

August 19, 2018: Guiding practice at Commutan Fukushima in Miharu Town.

Today, we had a regular monthly study at Miharu Town which attracts great many tourists during April every year for its gigantic thousand-year-old Takizakura and other gorgeous cherry trees. In the morning we shared each other recent guiding activities, at the town’s modern interaction center Mahora located in the center of the town. --- More details are in activity report.

July 31, 2018: Guiding high school students from UK at Commutan Fukushima.

A couple of our group members attended a joint group of high school students from UK and Fukushima High through the tour at Commutan Fukushima facility in Miharu Town. About 30 high school students from different parts in UK visited Fukushima today to participate in joint science workshop together with students from Fukushima High School which was designated as a Super Science High School. --- More details are in activity report.


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