Omotenashi Guide Fukushima 2017 Calendar (2017年 おもてなし福島カレンダー)

Here is an Omotenashi Guide Fukushima calendar for year 2017. All the pictures have been taken in Fukushima in recent years. You can enjoy looking at them, or download free and print the sheets by clicking the icons below.

Printing procedures for PC printer are the followings.
1. First you need some sheets of glossy paper of A4 size (or letter size) of about 0.2-0.24mm thick. And then you place these sheets of paper into your printer.
2. Click the right month you want. The whole image of the sheet appears in the new window. Then click the printer mark in the upper part of the window.
3. Then printer window appears. Click the property button and make sure that you choose photographic paper and then click OK.
4. Then once more you click OK in the printer window.



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